So I’ve been thinking about further study for awhile, but I don’t know where to do it. Here’s my tally of interesting graduates and/or institutions they have been associated with:

Sara de Bondt – St Lukas / Jan Van Eyck
Paul Bailey – Central Saint Martins
Fraser Muggeridge – University of Reading
Stuart Bailey – University of Reading / Werkplaats Typografie
James Goggin – RCA / Werkplaats Typografie
Karel Martens – Jan Van Eyck / Werkplaats Typografie
Paulus Dreibholz – Central Saint Martins
Armand Mevis – Gerrit Rietveld / Werkplaats Typografie / Yale
Paul Elliman – Werkplaats Typografie  / Yale
Na Kim – Werkplaats Typografie 
Anthony Froshaug – Central Saint Martins / Royal College of Art

Who wins? Yet to be decided.