I am an Australian graphic designer living in the Netherlands.

This site is an ongoing project which provides a way for me to compile knowledge, both formal and informal, useful and useless. Notes on self-care might rub up against theoretical citations. An observation of cloud formations might sidle next to an analysis of my own work. The structure, comprising an archive register, entry log and index, is based on the historic model of the Commonplace Book. Read in more detail here.

It was built in this format by Piper Haywood in 2020, with its content existing across multiple platforms prior to this. Some entries may have shifted on the journey over and will take some time to reorganise. In the meantime, don’t mind the mess.


In a freelance capacity I am currently designing an educational resource, with my friend Chris Lacy, to support the Design Museum’s Designer, Maker, User exhibition. In my role as Creative Manager for Avery Dennison Labels and Packaging Materials Europe some key, somewhat inter-related, projects include: creative direction of a report with The Future Laboratory titled Zero Waste Futures; creative direction, in partnership with a global design agency, of a material samples pack featuring a selection of sustainable label materials for the beauty industry; designing an identity for an overarching campaign around The Future of Plastics; and streamlining day to day communications through the development of resources, such as guidelines and templates, and processes like briefing forms, project planners and workflows.

These days it seems there is little else to do but work. While I’m grateful to be in work and financially stress-free, I’m also conscious of ring-fencing my hours to maintain a healthy balance.

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